Chocolate Mug Cakes: Gluten Free, Dairy Free

It’s 7 pm and with a grumbling tummy you walk into the kitchen for an evening snack. To your dismay someone ate all of the chocolate dipped granola bars! There is one lonely (very ripe) banana on the counter and the pantry is looking pretty bleak.

Driven by hunger, you begin tossing empty Tupperware containers aside. Finally, something shiny catches your eye… a bag of chocolate chips pinned behind a forgotten  tub of rolled oats! Unfortunately there are only eggs and milk in the refrigerator… 

You weigh your options:
  • Dive into the bag of chocolate chips.
  • Drive to the grocery store and purchase a box of mug cakes.

Or, you could stay home and make a delicious dark chocolate mug cake with the ingredients you found in your pantry! 

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