The best non-dairy milk.

When I was toddling around in diapers I was a picky eater who often got ‘sick’ after eating. At first, my mom thought it was a phase but as I got older my eating patterns and symptoms didn’t improve so she scheduled a doctors appointment.

The nurse recommended removing all dairy foods – milk, cheese and yogurt. My mom followed the recommendations and started giving me Soymilk. According to my mom “That was it! I was a ‘healthy’ kid.”

So, I have been drinking non-dairy milks for most of my life and well… I’ve learned a lot along the way. Some non-dairy milks are not fortified with essential nutrients (like calcium and vitamin B12) and others have a ton of added sugar. To top it all off, the emulsifiers in some are not stable above a certain temperature so the solids separate out when heated (no hot cocoa…insert pouty face).

So, if you are sensitive to dairy, are vegan or just want to try something new: here are (in my opinion) the best non-dairy milks around.

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Build a Healthy Lifestyle: Breakfast Essentials

As a Registered Dietitian I am often asked what foods I always have in my pantry, refrigerator or freezer and why.  In this blog series we will dive into my kitchen and discuss all of the essentials, the nutritional value of each item and ideas for how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

A well stocked pantry is an essential ingredient in the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s start with a couple of my ‘good morning’ pantry essentials. 

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Chocolate Mug Cakes: Gluten Free, Dairy Free

It’s 7 pm and with a grumbling tummy you walk into the kitchen for an evening snack. To your dismay someone ate all of the chocolate dipped granola bars! There is one lonely (very ripe) banana on the counter and the pantry is looking pretty bleak.

Driven by hunger, you begin tossing empty Tupperware containers aside. Finally, something shiny catches your eye… a bag of chocolate chips pinned behind a forgotten  tub of rolled oats! Unfortunately there are only eggs and milk in the refrigerator… 

You weigh your options:
  • Dive into the bag of chocolate chips.
  • Drive to the grocery store and purchase a box of mug cakes.

Or, you could stay home and make a delicious dark chocolate mug cake with the ingredients you found in your pantry! 

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Snacks that Can Increase Energy and Mental Focus

Nutrition and eating healthfully have a direct impact on your energy, motivation, and productivity. To keep energy levels up, eat nutrient dense snacks at regular intervals throughout the day—about two hours before, and two hours after a meal. A nutrient-dense snack provides: protein, healthy fat, fiber, and about 150 calories. The following snacks will silence cravings and keep you from overeating in the evening.

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Summer Grilling: How to make healthy choices and still enjoy the foods you love.

For those grilling this summer, a juicy steak with a side of potatoes might sound like the perfect meal but before taking a bite, you might want to look at the numbers.

One-half pound of New York Strip steak garnished with roasted potatoes and a pat of butter contains one day’s worth of protein (50 grams) and 60 percent of the daily value for saturated fat (12 grams).

Continue reading to learn how to make healthy choices and still enjoy the foods you love on the grill this summer.

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Fun, Healthy Alternatives to Easter Candy

According to the National Confectioners Association, Americans buy more than 700 million pieces — about 120 million pounds — of Easter candy annually. That is nearly half a pound of candy for every man, woman and child in the country! As a nation, it is estimated that we consume 16 billion jelly beans during the Easter season. If those jelly beans were placed end to end, they would circle the globe almost three times. So, before stocking up on chocolate eggs and jelly beans, consider these alternatives to traditional Easter candy.

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Healthier GameDay Foods for your Next Party

Classics like cheesy appetizers, burgers, hot dogs, pretzels and beer may get you in the GameDay mood but they can really pack in the calories and sodium. One soft pretzel with butter has almost 500 calories. To put that in perspective, the average woman would need to cycle for 81 minutes at 10 mph to burn off those calories!

There are, however, healthier GameDay choices. Keep reading to learn about delicious tailgating party foods that also get a registered dietitian’s stamp of approval.

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