The best non-dairy milk.

When I was toddling around in diapers I was a picky eater who often got ‘sick’ after eating. At first, my mom thought it was a phase but as I got older my eating patterns and symptoms didn’t improve so she scheduled a doctors appointment.

The nurse recommended removing all dairy foods – milk, cheese and yogurt. My mom followed the recommendations and started giving me Soymilk. According to my mom “That was it! I was a ‘healthy’ kid.”

So, I have been drinking non-dairy milks for most of my life and well… I’ve learned a lot along the way. Some non-dairy milks are not fortified with essential nutrients (like calcium and vitamin B12) and others have a ton of added sugar. To top it all off, the emulsifiers in some are not stable above a certain temperature so the solids separate out when heated (no hot cocoa…insert pouty face).

So, if you are sensitive to dairy, are vegan or just want to try something new: here are (in my opinion) the best non-dairy milks around.

#1 Milkadamia Unsweetened latte da Macadamia Milk

This is the best non-dairy milk I have ever had! It has a lightly sweet-nutty flavor and smooth mouth feel (no grit like some hemp milks I’ve tried). It is delicious on its own or over cereal. Stable at high temperatures it can be steamed or (… drum roll please…) frothed for coffee! 

The nutrition profile is stellar too! One eight ounce cup contains: 45 calories, 0 grams of added sugar, 320 milligrams of calcium and 390 milligrams of potassium!

Attention Vegans and Vegetarians: latte da Macadamia Nut Milk is not fortified with vitamin B12 or Vitamin D so shop for some of their other milks here.

#2 Planet Oat Unsweetened Oat milk

Planet Oat Unsweetened Oat Milk, like Macadamia Milk, has a smooth-creamy mouth feel and is delicious on its own or with cereal. It also heats beautifully and makes a mean hot cocoa!

My favorite way to drink this non-dairy milk is as a vegan iced latte: Pour cold brew concentrate in the bottom of mason jar, fill half the mason jar with ice, top it off with Oat Milk, sweeten (if desired), stir and enjoy!

One eight ounce cup of Planet Oat Unsweetened Oat Milk contains: 45 calories, 0 grams of added sugar, 4 mcg vitamin D, .24 mcg vitamin B12, 350 milligrams of calcium and 340 mg of potassium.

Stay tuned for more of my pantry essentials!

Be well.

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